The Benefits Of An ANPR System For Your Business


At Crime Prevention Services, we install the latest in technology for ANPR CCTV Cameras from Dahua, as pictured above, which is installed with a external public address speaker at one of our client’s builders yards.

What is ANPR? 

ANPR Stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. When a vehicle passes onto a business, an ANPR camera reads it’s registration number and the image is instantly stored in a database, providing 24 hour coverage. ANPR system installation can provide businesses and logistics hubs with valuable information, including the number of visitors, entry and exit times, busiest periods but more importantly, monitoring vehicle movements. If a crime were to occur on your premises, this system can provide the police with enhanced high quality images, which will aid an investigation.

An ANPR camera system, ensures that premises, entrances and exits are monitored for criminal activity on a daily basis and are suitable for all types of businesses to include, Industrial estates, petrol stations, schools, shopping centres, and any business which has a car park can benefit from an ANPR camera system.

If you would like to enhance your security of your businesses, then please call a member of the Crime Prevention Team today on 03452309823 or email