System Watch – Ensuring your CCTV is working when you need it most!

System Watch

Your CCTV system is used to protect your people, assets, customers, and property.  At Crime Prevention Services we want to ensure it stays that way, which is why we offer a maintenance service with a difference – System Watch.

What is System Watch?

This innovative service automatically checks the status of your CCTV system 24/7.  Thus making sure that they are operational when you need them most.  Our rapid response team are there  proactively resolving faults, system tampering and vandalism – before it becomes critical!  In turn giving you the peace of mind that your CCTV systems are always operational.  And by targeting issues, we can reduce your system downtime and security risks.



How does System Watch work?

Our System Watch solution works by automatically connecting to your CCTV systems remotely every hour and retrieving diagnostic and operational information.

The information is automatically analysed and any issues are reported to our service team.  The problems are then verified and then fixed remotely, where possible.  If not a scheduled service visit to site is arranged.

Why choose this?

Issues with security systems could be putting your people, assets, customers, and property at risk if they are not detected and rectified in a timely manner.

Traditional annual maintenance is of course very important and is crucial for keeping the day to day running of your system in good condition.  However as much as our engineers are thorough when carrying out the service, it can leave users vulnerable if an issue occurs between service visits.  During that time  you are relying on someone to report them – often after an incident has occurred.

The service we provide ensures your CCTV systems are working and fit for purpose when you need them most.



24/7 Peace of Mind

We check your CCTV systems every hour of every day. Therefore, any faults and issues can be detected and resolved in a timely manner.

Routine System Checks

Your systems are automatically checked for faults, tampering, and vandalism, which consequently affects their performance. This includes:

Image integrity checks

On compatible systems, the integrity of the images can be checked automatically.

As a result, we are alerted if your cameras have been tampered with, obscured, moved, are out of focus, or too bright or dark.

Daily Status Report

A Daily Status Report can be emailed, which shows a ’snapshot’ status of all your sites in one email.

Live Status Page

You are provided with a web link so that you can access the information live on your phone, tablet or browser for even extra peace of mind, especially if you are out of the country.

Does it work with systems behind Firewalls?

Our maintenance solution works even if your CCTV systems are behind a firewall, on a corporate network, or where there is no direct connection to the system.

How many sites can you monitor at any one time?

System Watch from Crime Prevention Services can be scaled, hence an unlimited number of sites can be monitored. Whether you have a handful or thousands of sites.  Your CCTV systems can be checked and maintained proactively.

So recap the benefits for me…

  • Issues are detected automatically.
  • More effective CCTV maintenance.
  • Targeted service visits.
  • Reduced system downtime.
  • Daily system status reporting.
  • Live web page view.