System design is vital for a successful and safe fire alarm

System design is vital for a successful and safe fire alarm installation.  With over 35 years of being in the business, we have built our reputation on providing solid and reliable systems.  Design must meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.  These can range from a simple 2-zone conventional system to a complex multi-loop addressable system.  

Our Fire Division is much more than just a system provider: it helps protect people’s lives and customers’ property.  Memories that have taken years to make are precious and irreplaceable.  As is your family and home.

Rest assured that we absolutely embrace this responsibility. Our technical competence is endorsed by our NSI Fire Gold accreditation, which covers everything from the design, through to the installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems.  All under the umbrella of the BAFE SP203 Scheme.

Clients wanting a cost-effective, bespoke service need look no further. Our fire alarms are individually designed, carefully installed, then comprehensively verified and commissioned.  Highly trained and experienced personnel strictly control every process along the way.  Our surveyors who design your system have many years of experience, attend regular courses to ensure that they keep up with standards.  The engineers also attend regular training sessions and have a wealth of experience in this and all of the security fields.