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With no cabling or wires to run or hide, this security system can be installed with ease in new builds or existing houses with minimal disruption, thanks to its innovative wireless technology.

It’s ideal for listed buildings or places where you don’t want unsightly cable-trays/trunking. This innovative wireless technology offers a smart and modern security solution with minimal fuss.

Battery Monitoring/Saving:

Each wireless device is monitored and informs you of when to replace the battery before its life expires. Furthermore, each device conserves battery power by “sleeping” during periods when detection is not needed.

Methods of Setting/Unsetting:

There are three different types of setting/unsetting methods: by entering a pin code on the keypad, presenting a prox tag at a keypad or prox
reader, or by pressing a keyfob.

User Friendly Programming:

Whether you need to change codes, add tags, add keyfobs, check the logs, change time/date or walk test your system, each function can be
easily located and programmed from the user-friendly menu.

Intelligent Arming:

The control panel recognises ‘home’ and ‘away’ modes and will set the system accordingly. For example if you were to set the alarm while in your home and then walk out of the exit door, the system will register the action and automatically set the system to ‘away’.


The award-winning two-way wireless control panel offers a wide range of security and safety peripherals to keep your home and family safe, including:

  • Motion Detectors (six different types available, including pet tolerant)
  • External Sounders (providing a visual & audible deterrent)
  • Wireless Keypads (for multiple entry/exit points)
  • Shock & Contact Sensors (protecting & monitoring doors and windows)
  • Smoke Detectors (warning in the event of a fire)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors (warning in the event of a CO leak)

With its ability to sync with up to 32 wireless and a further 34 wired devices, you can easily add a multitude of devices, while its innovative wireless technology means the entire system can be fitted without having to redecorate after laying cables and wires.

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