It’s Gold for Crime Prevention Services!

Crime Prevention Services are celebrating another triumph this week. We have just qualified for re-certification for the NSI Fire Gold & NACOSS Gold accreditation. In addition, we have also successfully transitioned to the new ISO9001:2015 standard!

Fantastic news for CPS. And even better news for our customers, old and new.

But what does ‘Gold’ mean?

As well as meeting the sector specific standards that the NSI Silver accreditation requires, regarding Product Certification, a Gold accreditation incorporates Quality Management System Certification.

Crime Prevention Services observe these high standards strictly. That is why we have been recognised as a ‘Gold’ company again!

According to the NSI, A Management System is defined as:


A proven framework for managing and continually improving an organisation’s policies, procedures and processes


The ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System is an internationally accepted standard for quality. We work to provide the best possible levels of customer care, as well as outstanding service and products within our industry.


Who are the NSI?

They are the National Security Inspectorate.

The NSI identify themselves as the leading certification body for the security and fire protection industries in the UK. And they have been providing high quality audits of home & business security, as well as fire safety service providers, for over 40 years.

During these audits, the NSI ensure that we:

  • Operate from suitable and adequately secure premises.
  • Have relevant tools, equipment, test instruments and vehicles, which
    need to be available and in use.
  • Hold all of the relevant insurances.
  • Have suitably experienced managers, with proper technical and engineering experience.
  • Are financially responsible, and meet our financial obligations.
  • Operate to best practice within our industry.
  • and so forth (you can read through the approval criteria in full here).


Why should I use Crime Prevention Services?



Because we are NSI Gold Approved! And with that comes the lofty standards that we proudly adhere to.

Our staff are security screened to the British Standard 7858.

We will provide a Certificate of Compliance with our installations. Because we follow NSI principles throughout this process, and perform our installations to the highest benchmark.

Your alarm will be monitored by our own Alarm Receiving Centre, which is also accredited to Gold standard. Our ARC operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

And having a Certified Compliant & monitored system may even entitle you to a discount on your insurance. The NSI set stringent guidelines, which many insurers are aware of. This therefore mitigates the risks presented to them and you!


Contact us today to arrange a free risk assessment for your home or business.


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