Maintenance & Monitoring 24/7 365

Maintenance & Monitoring 24/7 365

We offer maintenance & monitoring 24/7 365 days a year including Christmas day.

We run our own state of the art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Our operators work diligently by checking systems should they signal through to us. If necessary they initiate a Fire Service or Police response, should it be required.  Head over to our Testimonials section to read how we have helped our customers to protect their home and business. Read about how we can make monitoring even more effective by visiting this link: System Watch

We use a range of alarm signalling methods which are consistently improving as we remain at the cutting edge of technology. All intruder and panic attack alarms are designed to be monitored, to enable alarm verification, initiating an appropriate response and for making remote diagnostic checks without causing disruption.

Maintenance & Service

All of our systems are designed to comply with the requirements laid down by our regulatory board the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). You can read about the NSI by following this link to their website:

Our maintenance inspections are easy to book and our engineers can also be booked in advance. If you forget to make the arrangements for your system to be maintained, we will email or write a friendly reminder asking you to get in touch. Maintenance contract options can be designed to suit all needs depending on the type of system you have. 

At the time of your maintenance visit, we carry out full system testing including walk testing, component testing, power, battery, programming, configuration and cleaning of equipment.

System Takeovers

We can maintain and monitor most systems provided they have been installed to correct standards and should you need an engineer between maintenance visits, we provide a 24-hour call-out service, every single day of the year.