Fire Alarm Monitoring Can Save Lives!

Fire Alarm Monitoring:

What You Need to Know

You may have heard of monitored intruder alarm systems, but did you know that your fire alarm can be monitored too?

More and more people are choosing to protect their homes and businesses with fire alarm monitoring so we’ve put together a short list of Frequently Asked Questions so you have the information you need to make an informed decision about the protection of your own home and business.

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What is Fire Alarm Monitoring?

Much like the 24 hour monitoring of your intruder alarm, fire alarm monitoring works via a signal transmitter in or linked to your fire alarm system. If a smoke or heat detector activates in your property a signal is sent from the fire alarm panel to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) which is staffed by highly trained operatives 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

How Does Fire Alarm Monitoring Work?

When your fire alarm system activates a signal is sent, usually using one of two main methods, depending on which monitoring system is installed. The signal will travel along physical telephone lines or via the mobile telephone network to the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). Many monitoring systems incorporate both signalling types ensuring that even if the main telephone lines are down the signal can still reach the ARC via the mobile network.

What Happens When my Fire Alarm Sends a Signal to the ARC?

When the ARC Operatives receive a fire alarm signal from your system they immediately take action. Depending on what protocols have been agreed during the set-up of the monitoring system the operatives may contact the fire brigade directly (especially with high-risk properties such as nursing homes and domestic dwellings with vulnerable people sleeping there), they may view monitored CCTV footage of the site to ascertain if there is a genuine fire event or make  a phone call to a designated key-holder to advise them that their fire alarm has activated.

Why Should I Have Fire Alarm Monitoring?

There are many very good reasons to have fire alarm monitoring, the most obvious being that your property is protected and appropriate action will be taken by trained professionals even if you are away.

Most devastating fire events occur when the owners/occupiers are away from the premises. Businesses are especially at risk from arson attacks at night or on the weekend. Government statistics show that up to 25% of fire-damaged businesses never recover, so fire alarm monitoring is a solid investment for the protection of your business.

Insurance Companies like fire alarm monitoring too! Many of our clients have found that their insurance premiums drop after having fire alarm monitoring installed. The insurance companies know that, should a fire event occur, action will be taken by highly-trained ARC Operatives immediately every time and that can dramatically reduce the amount of damage a fire can cause.

If you would like more information about fire alarm monitoring or would likea free, no-obligation quote for your property please Call Us Today!

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