Exemplar Employer – Developing Award

CPS Achieve the Exemplar Employer Developing Award

Exemplar Employer Developing Award

Earlier this month the team at CPS received the much-anticipated certificate confirming the company’s attainment of the Exemplar Employer Developing Award from Chwarae Teg Agile Nation 2. This is following several consultations with Chwarae Teg Employer Partner last year and the CPS team undertook a business culture survey.

Exemplar Employer Award

Crime Prevention Services share a passion with Chwarae Teg to help create a Wales where women achieve and prosper by committing to a diverse and inclusive workplace which benefits not just women but all members of the team.

Hayley Dunne (Stratigic Lead-Delivery at Chwarae Teg) says:

The Chwarae Teg Exemplar Employer Award© is based on an on-line Business Culture Survey© completed by a business’ employees that assesses their views of the actual diversity practices within the business. It is supported by evidence gathering around actual business, management and procedures practice. It is awarded to businesses to recognise areas of good diversity practice and to provide a framework from which to target business improvements.

In achieving an Award it has been recognised that Crime Prevention Services Ltd employees regard the business practices and procedures to be consistent with Developing Exemplar Employer Award©.

There are 10 areas which are focused on in the Business Culture Survey, which was undertaken by the CPS team last year, and these are the areas which foster the right conditions for an inclusive and diverse workplace. The Exemplar Employer Developing Award is a recognition of the steps taken so far and Crime Prevention Services will continue to strive toward providing the best possible working environment for the team as we move swiftly into 2017.