Crime Prevention Services, Go Paperless with iPEGS

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology and we wanted this to be represented to our customers. We are pleased to announce that we have now taken steps towards a paper free and eco friendly environment. A local company to us, iPEGS, are providing us with a digital form filling solution and we have noticed that there has been a more productive workforce out in the field and in the office.  We use this advanced system to complete paperwork electronically using a tablet whilst we are out on appointments. Forms can also be sent via web links for our customers to complete, sign and submit straight back to the office. Utilising this technology we are now able to spend time on areas of the business which require developing and focus on what we are good at, which is providing an exceptional level of service to our customers.

Challenges that Crime Prevention Services experienced prior to using iPEGS:

  • Lots of paperwork led to unnecessary hours of admin time.
  • Money wasted in excessive printing costs.
  • Delays in paperwork coming back to the office.
  • Missing information on forms.

Benefits of using iPEGS:

  • We have saved considerably on stationary costs.
  • Saving on time and fuel costs, as we are no longer having to drive to the customer to get the order or service forms signed.
  • Admin workload and time has significantly reduced.
  • Increased storage space as there is no need for any more filing cupboards.
  • We can proudly say that we are making steps towards being an eco friendly business.
  • We have received a fantastic response from our customers, as once paperwork has been completed and signed they receive a copy and the team at Crime Prevention Services can react to the requirements straight away.

If you are a business looking to adopt a paper free business then please get in contact with iPEGS on 01244 955350 or email