CPS Are Working Towards Exemplar Employer Award

CPS Exemplar Employer Award Goal

Several months ago Crime Prevention Services started the first steps of a journey towards achieving the Chwarae Teg Exemplar Employer Award.


The Exemplar Employer Award recognises the diversity & equality in business and their commitment to diverse and inclusive practices within the workplace.

Chwarae Teg’s Agile Nation 2 Program states:

The exemplar award recognises a business’ commitment to fair and flexible working practices, and that have fostered an environment which has resulted in a positive impact on employees and the businesses as a whole.

To qualify for an award, businesses must demonstrate evidence of a number of practices relating to positive workplace culture, including performance management, learning and development opportunities and flexible working.

Providing the best possible workplace environment and culture is an extremely high priority for the CPS Management Team. Working towards achieving the Exemplar Employer Award is an opportunity for the company to identify the highest employer standards in the industry and strive towards them to benefit the whole CPS team.

Following several consultations with Chwarae Teg Employer Partner, Vicky Bushell, the CPS staff undertook a business culture survey which was a valuable opportunity for staff to share their experiences working as part of the CPS team.

A new Equality & Diversity Strategy has been developed with some new strategies already being implemented. In the past two months, 3 of the CPS team have been enrolled on an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited training course which is designed to improve management skills, confidence in the workplace, time management and the ability to motivate other team members.

Kathy Bishop (General Manager) says:

At CPS we are always keen to support and invest in our team.  When we were told that there was an ILM  Accredited training course being offered locally it was completely in line with our company culture to offer this opportunity for personal development to members of the team. 

Being able to support and encourage our staff to challenge and improve themselves is one of the corner-stones of the CPS ethos as employers. Working towards the Exemplar Employer Award will help us to improve even further and ensure that our team have the very best in their workplace.

Crime Prevention Services hope to achieve the first level of this prestigious award early in 2017…so watch this space!