Burglars & Burglary: The Startling Statistics

The summer months are fast approaching. And with the increased daylight hours they bring, you would be forgiven for thinking that those pesky burglars will remain in the shadows where they belong. Because burglary only happens at night, right?

Think again.


Photo courtesy of the Carmarthenshire Herald.


Burglars are most likely to be working the same 9-5 shift that most of you are (as we touched upon in our Three Step Guide To Burglary Prevention). The last thing that anyone wants after a tough day at the office is to return home to a break in. But it has, or probably will, become a sad reality for many.

So what are the statistics behind burglary?

Burglars committed domestic offences in 27 per every 1,000 households between October 2016 and September 2017. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) concluded this in a statistical bulletin on their website . There were also 433,110 police recorded instances within the same time frame (you can read the document in full here). With there being a reported 27.1 million households in the UK at the time, and the mean number of people living in each household being 2.4, let’s do some maths and stretch these statistics to an average nationwide number.

731,700 households falling victim to burglary.

1,039,464 people directly affected as a result.

But my business is safe from burglars, isn’t it?

No. These are just the potential numbers for domestic incidents. In addition, 303 burglaries were recorded in the 2016 Commercial Victimisation Survey, per every 1,000 business premises. This included attempted burglaries, and only consisted of companies within the wholesale and retail sector. Add in others, such as the manufacturing, construction and agricultural sectors, and it therefore becomes clear. Security is no longer a grudge purchase.

It is an essential purchase.



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