Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) Upgrade Goes Live

CPS Alarm Receiving Centre Completes Infrastructure Upgrade – Improves Connectivity and Response Times

ARC Sentinel Upgrade

Crime Prevention Services own and operate a fully accredited Police-recognised BS5979 NSI Gold Alarm Receiving Centre which is manned 24/7 by a dedicated team and based in North Wales. The 24/7 ARC is the only independent Alarm Receiving Centre in Wales and provides high quality CCTV, Intruder and Fire Alarm Monitoring to businesses and residential customers throughout  the UK. The highly trained operatives are able to respond immediately to events which could threaten life and property.

Peter Tait (Alarm Receiving Centre Manager) says:

A recent change to the Alarm Receiving Centre has seen our software receive an upgrade, which has been the final part in the overhaul and upgrade of the ARC’s servers and data storage system. The Alarm Receiving Centre upgrade also included the installation of two fibre broadband connections to improve connectivity and reliability for all our broadband reliant services. Together with a new managed firewall to prevent hackers accessing our systems.

The changes have made the software faster and slicker when handling CCTV alarms. Giving operators immediate and simultaneous viewing, not only of the CCTV alarm event images but also automatically connecting live to the remote site’s cameras. The addition of interactive maps gives operators a better understanding of site and camera layout, thus enabling effective movement to the next camera should continue camera viewing be required.

The upgrade has included the re-working of the industry-specific Sentinel Plus software. The reworking of this software, which has been especially focused on the handling of CCTV alarms, has given operators a new look alarm handling queue and a completely changed alarm handling screen.

Further enhancements now enable operators to contact clients and key holders by telephone through the alarm receiving software using the new fibre broadband based telephone system using voice over IP. This means that the software dials the contact numbers directly and increases efficiency when compared to dialing manually. Telephone calls, when handling alarms, are also recorded within the alarm receiving software making playback of telephone calls associated with alarm events readily available.